5 Tips For Designer Sunglasses Care


Designer sunglasses do not come cheap; all the more reason, once you acquire a set, you would want to give them the best possible care. Ordinarily, sunglasses are meant to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. Designer sunglasses go a step further though and are a fashion and style statement. They are meant to not only meet the basic objective of sunglasses, but to also accentuate your tastes. Therefore, for you to reap the maximum benefits of your ‘investment’, there are 5 tips that you need to know and that will keep your glasses looking good and chic for many days to come.

How you wear the sunglasses

How you wear may seem like an insignificant (even mundane) task that has little bearing. The fact of the matter though is that how you wear your glasses does indeed matter and determines their longevity. As a rule of thumb, always use both of your hands when wearing and removing the off white sunglasses. That way, you support the whole frame reduce the chances of inadvertently breaking it. Something related and worth mentioning at this point is that if you do wear your glasses often, chances are that the screws start to become loose. Always keep an eye on weakening and loosening joints to capture any such screws in time. This proactive check will keep at bay the unpleasant experience from one of the pieces falling and breaking.


When you are not wearing them, store the sunglasses away from heat and direct sunlight. The good thing is that most designer sunglasses come with cases for ease of carrying. This also serves to prevent the scratching that often results from handling them without the protective casing. Furthermore, if getting a new case is not that difficult as they are readily available at your local optician. Never place the glasses in your pocket without the casing.

Cleaning the Sunglasses

Sunglasses going by their very use, are bound to collect dust over time and will require some form of wiping from time to time. Whenever you are cleaning your designer sunglasses, do not to use regular cloth, tissue, or towel. Their rough surfaces are bound to scratch the glass causing permanent damage. Instead, you should use a lint-free cloth couple with a combination of soap, some alcohol, and lukewarm water. That said, there are special cleaning kits meant specifically for sunglasses and that are readily available over the counter. The cleaning process should be done gently. When cleaning the nose pad, you can immerse the sunglasses in lukewarm water for a few minutes to loosen the dirt.

Resilient frame

At the point of purchasing the sunglasses, it would be best for you to go for frame that is resilient to wear and tear. However, even if the original sunglasses did not have a sufficiently strong frame, you may replace it with stronger ones easily. Only make sure that the new frame is a perfect fit. Also, ensuring that you purchase authentic sunglasses in the first place, and not imitations, is obviously important.

Repair work

Over time and inevitably, the sunglasses will start to reflect the wear that comes with regular use and age. When this happens, make sure a professional handles any repair work that arises. Cheap can be expensive and considering the value of the sunglasses, the best approach is to bite the bullet and take it someone that though seeming expensive, guarantees quality work.



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