Bite into Newport:’s 2023 Poke Bowl Awards


Celebrating culinary excellence and the epitome of poke bowl mastery, proudly presents the inaugural Poke Bowl Awards for 2023. Dive into a world of extraordinary flavors as we honor the finest creations that have tantalized taste buds and redefined the poke bowl experience in Newport Beach.

1. The Ocean’s Medley Award

Recognizing the bowl that best encapsulates the diversity of the sea’s bounty, this award goes to the “Sea Symphony” for its harmonious blend of scallops, shrimp, and nori-infused magic.

2. Flavors of Paradise Trophy

This award celebrates the bowl that transports diners to an exotic realm, and the “Sunset Serenade” claims this accolade with its tropical blend of shrimp, pineapple, and citrus notes.

3. Innovation Fusion Prize

Honoring creativity and boldness in flavors, the “Bounty Bay” bowl takes home this award for its daring combination of lobster, squid ink-infused rice, and wasabi aioli.

4. Sustainable Seafood Excellence proudly recognizes the commitment to Best poke bowl in newport beach sourcing with the “Coastal Consciousness” award, presented to the restaurant’s dedication to sourcing responsibly harvested seafood for its poke bowls.

5. Mouthwatering Umami Achievement

For delivering an explosion of umami richness, the “Seaside Symphony” claims this award for its captivating blend of scallops, seaweed, and pickled radish that ignites the senses.

6. Customization Maestro Accolade

Acknowledging the art of personalization, the “Build-Your-Own Bowl” feature earns the “Taste Your Way” award, allowing patrons to craft bespoke culinary experiences.

7. Community Engagement Laurel

In recognition of efforts beyond the kitchen, commends the restaurant’s involvement in community initiatives, fostering unity and goodwill in Newport Beach.

8. Culinary Craftsmanship Crown

The highest honor, the “Poke Perfection” award, is bestowed upon the chefs and artisans behind for their unwavering dedication to culinary excellence and the mastery of poke bowl perfection.

Join us in celebrating these exceptional culinary creations that have elevated the poke bowl experience to new heights. Explore the flavors, embrace the innovation, and savor the taste of excellence with’s 2023 Poke Bowl Awards.

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