Cool Geek Gadgets – The Best of Geek Toys and Gadgets


Being the geek with the coolest gadgets is hard. But now you can find all the latest gear in one place.

This article will cover a wide range of geek news gadgets and toys, from watches to tools to fun. Find out what all the cool geeks are buying this year!

-Stainless steel 8GB video watch – This watch sports a 1.8inch LCD screen and 8GB of flash memory. You can watch all your favorite videos any time, anywhere.

-Wi-fi detecting watch – So the next time you go to work on your laptop, you will know exactly where to sit. This watch gives you wi-fi signal strength on a scale from 1 to 8 with a touch of a button.

-Glow Brick – This is a real life light bulb encased in an acrylic cube and it absorbs light during the day and glows at night. Very cool.

-Blue Laser Pointer – Be the first one in the office with a blue laser! This unusual color will set you apart from the competition.

-20-sided fuzzy dice danglers – I don’t know what to say except – you didn’t know they made them and you know you want some!

-Ironkey – I give this one the geek gadget award for coolest thumb drive ever! Files are encrypted and password protected. After 10 failed password attempts, the drive self-destructs! The physical drive is epoxy filled and electron shielded to prevent tampering.

-MicroJet lighter torch – Using the included fuel cell or a disposable lighter, you can create a butane torch. For those windy days when you just have to light a fire, fixing that leaky pipe, or to finish off that creme brulee for dessert.

-Micro spy remote – This mini remote looks like the remote keyless entry for your car, but its actually a TV hijacker. It can mute, change the channel and volume as well as turning off the unsuspecting TV.

As you can see, cool geek gadgets come in a wide range of products, but each one is essential to true geekdom. You can find out more about these products from link below or check your local cool gadget store. From your car to your pocket to the office, no geek is complete without the above equipment.


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