Custom Jewelry That Tells Your Story


Kerouac and Shakespeare. Van Gogh and Michelangelo. Mozart and Lennon. Kubrick and Scorsese. While this list of famous figures may seem a little random at first glance, they do all have a few things in common. Whether writer, painter, musician or director, they were or still are masters in their respective fields.

And while the varied range of talents listed may mean it’s not immediately obvious, there is one thing they all commonly excelled in. Be it with pen or brush, aurally or visually, they are all storytellers.

Being a good storyteller means being memorable. Often more memorable than the story itself. And when creating the stunning pieces they are renowned for, your custom jewelry supplier is able to do the same, should you let them.

By including elements personal to you in your pieces, elements that tell your story, your custom jewelry will become memorable to all who see it. It will itself become the storyteller.

The question is, what chapters should you include?

Animal magic

In many people’s personal story, some of the major characters are the animals that become part of the family. Unfortunately, their lifespans are typically shorter than our own.

When pets do pass away, it’s possible to commemorate them in custom jewelry. This might simply be in the form of a photograph or an engraved portrait in a locket. Pieces made with stones of the same color as the erstwhile animal can also become a great reminder of the special little guy.

However, for those who want to keep their pet close by for the rest of their own lives, making use of certain remains is another option. It’s not unheard of for custom jewelers to be asked to make pendants or earrings that feature a saved tooth.

The family story

If custom jewelry can be made to commemorate animals that are no longer with us, then of course pieces can be made in honor of lost family members.

While most people no longer make jewelry from human teeth and bones, a photograph or engraved portrait in a locket is a wonderful way to keep the dearly departed close to our hearts.

We don’t need to wait until death to create custom jewelry based on family members, though. Lockets containing baby portraits or even childhood hair are not uncommon.

Whatever life event the piece is for, be it a happy one or sad, it is usually an integral part of the family story. Marking it with custom jewelry ensures it will never be forgotten.

New from old

When looking at the story of a person or family, jewelry itself often plays a key supporting role. It’s no secret either that a lot of the most famous stories in popular culture recycle and reuse ideas. So it is with custom jewelry: metal can be melted and reformed into a new piece, and stones can be refitted too.

Re-purposing old pieces into new custom jewelry is something that custom jewelers often do. It’s a smart way for the customer to make use of unwanted pieces while also reducing the cost of the new one.


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