Diet Detox Plans – The Secret to Success on a Master Detox Diet


Any and every detox diet plan comes with cautions and precautions. Remember that diet detox plans follow homeopathy’s fundamental rule: you are about to subject your body to protracted trial and testing which would make a healthy person sick. You are about to place extraordinary stress on your major organs and central nervous system. Do not begin your program without setting-up your professional support system: talk to your regular physician as freely and frankly as you consult with your homeopath.

First and foremost, do not simply begin it on your own initiative and without first consulting your regular primary care physician. Although you blame all of your everyday symptoms on toxins and foreign agents in your system, and although you feel perfectly confident a properly rigorous regime of anti-oxidants and other healthy cleansers will restore your health, nevertheless you need a traditional physician’s assurance that your symptoms do not indicate a compromised immune system, a serious infection or chemical imbalance.

Before you begin any kind of Medical Detox diet program, you must make certain that your major organs can handle the strain of detoxification: a doctor should perform routine heart, liver, and kidney tests, making sure they can manage the stress your detox diet program will place on them. No matter how much you mistrust traditional Western medicine, its tubes and beakers and chemical interventions, you must set aside your skepticism long enough to allow a traditional physician to perform reliable, time-honored tests on your system.

Exercise caution about “throwing out the baby with the bathwater,” because the very best, most effective health care combines traditional scientists and homeopaths in inter-disciplinary teams, making the most of their complementary expertise. You, too, should form an inter-disciplinary team to promote your health and well-being.

Second on the list but equally important as the first caution, do not stop taking your regular medications as part of your detoxification program unless you have discussed your plans with the physician who prescribed the medications. If, for example, you have grown suspicious of your anti-depressants, you may have very good reason to discontinue them, but you cannot just peremptorily stop taking them, because you risk fatal seizure, suicidal ideation, and heart problems if you simply stop “cold turkey.”

Similarly, if you are on a course of antibiotics which you think exacerbate rather than help your condition, check with your doctor before you stop taking them. The doctor originally prescribed the powerful anti-bacterials to get rid of a virulent infection; if you feel worse instead of better, you may need more potent medication far more urgently than you need detoxification. And, although you may not consider it among your “medications,” talk to your physician about your alcohol use.

If your detox diet program includes withdrawal from regular daily consumption of alcohol-in other words, if you have admitted you have a drinking problem and you intend to quit drinking-be aware that alcohol withdrawal also can cause delirium, seizure, and severe depression. The more serious your problems with alcohol or any controlled substance, the more you need to detox under the care and supervision of both a traditional physician and a homeopath.


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