Explaining The Myths About Alcohol Rehab


Myths are things that often persist, develop, and end up increasingly commonplace, especially when it comes to health topics. It can be all too easy to pay attention to some of these, especially those surrounding alcohol rehab, but they needn’t stop you on your road to recovery. Below are some popular myths that surround alcohol addiction, so why not have a read, and dispel some of the preconceptions you, or people you know might have. It could prove valuable to address these ideas.

Myth 1: Addiction Is A Choice

When it comes to drugs or Drug and Alcohol Rehab, choice is only a factor in the very beginning, when users indulge only in moderation. Here, they are in control of their usage, but addiction is something that can easily come up, leading people to then become dependent, addicted, and compelled. Sometimes it can be explained as a purely physical, and involuntary, response/reaction to the drink. Yes choice can come into it, but then equally things can spiral out of control as well.

Myth 2: Alcoholism And Immorality

The stigma attached to alcoholism means that some people who do bad things as a result of it, can then be automatically labelled as bad people. Alcohol addiction is known to have an impact in several different areas, from the physical impact on the body, to changes in the brain. So you may notice changes in an alcoholic’s behaviour, moods, and thought processes, but this can be halted or reversed if they manage to conquer their addiction, and stop drinking. Alcohol rehab can help with these types of problems, and seeks to deal with addiction to alcohol as a disease, rather than label it a personality issue.

Myth 3: Identikit Alcohol Programs Will Suit Everyone

It’s a common myth that the same alcohol treatment will suit every alcoholic, but this just isn’t the case. Success is more likely to be achieved if each rehab treatment is specifically tailored to a drinkers needs. Specialists will likely look into someone’s history, their personality, and individual circumstances. They will tell you that every person is different, and has different triggers or reasons for alcoholism. It makes sense then that any alcohol rehab, follows and responds to this ethos.

Myth 4: Alcoholics Should Go Cold Turkey

If this disease was as easy as just stopping drinking, then we would have no alcoholics left in the world. To stop drinking and resist strong physical cravings is no easy matter. It’s not really just about will power, because many alcoholics can only quit drinking if they have help from detox, rehab, and other treatment programs.

Myth 5: Rehab Won’t Work

Some people may try alcohol rehab for the first time, not get results, and have the mind-set that it will never work. But rehab has been proven to be effective in helping alcoholics break the cycle they are in for good. Yes, it may not work the first time round, but fast-track plans may not be the best option. Residential treatment over longer periods, and an overall mix of therapy, time out from day to day life, and physical detox, can be needed if you really want to quit drinking.

Myth 6: Relapsing Is The End Of The Road

There are countless things in life that are hard to master, get over, or deal with, and alcoholism is in some ways, no different to life’s other challenges. Just as with other situations, alcohol treatment won’t necessarily be a smooth ride, so you should expect ups and downs, and learn from them.

Some people see a relapse as the end of the road, but the serious quitters think differently. With them, a relapse is a learning curve, and should help give them strength in the future. With this attitude they will pinpoint triggers and look to combat these in the future.

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