Grand Designs For the Ottoman Bed


Storage Beds

Modern houses are designed to offer their owners as much living space as possible. Paradoxically, the demand for an increase in living space has meant a reduction in storage space; modern household appliances are getting smaller and smaller but the space they once took up is not being used constructively. As a result, many homeowners have to ‘de-clutter’ before moving into a contemporary home or are putting many of their belongings into storage. However, there are solutions available that still allow you the freedom of maximum living space and storage space that is virtually invisible.

Space: The Final Frontier

Walk around a modern house and you may notice that certain things are missing. Certainly you’ll be impressed by the space available, but it is likely, for instance, that a modern home doesn’t have an airing cupboard. With most modern houses using compact and efficient combi-boilers, there’s simply no reason to dedicate a cupboard to house the hot water tank – as there isn’t one! In one fell swoop, you’ve increased your living space, but reduced your practical space. In addition, many homes don’t have lofts anymore. There may be a loft conversion, but even that is an increase in living space, meaning less space in which to store things.

There’s Something Under the Bed!

Whether it’s an old house or a modern one, every home has to have a bed. Yet, while they offer a place to relax and rest, they also occupy a lot of space that could be used more efficiently. Storage beds offer the perfect solution, combing the two factors. In the past, storage beds were cumbersome and uncomfortable but technological advances and the development of better materials mean that storage beds are just as comfortable as their more traditional counterparts. But now they also provide an eminently practical function by giving you a storage area you can utilise without losing any living space. In addition, they can be made to order so that you maximise the use of your bedroom.

Most storage beds use drawers to provide storage space. While this is perfect for storing clothing, books and other smaller items, there are inevitably going to be things that just won’t fit in. However, Ottoman Beds take the theory to its next logical step. Rather than dividing the space under your bed into four drawers, an ottoman bed keeps the space as a whole. Rather than opening drawers, the whole of the top of the bed lifts up to reveal a space that is potentially as big as a wardrobe. To make life even easier, many ottoman beds are fitted with hydraulic struts that do the work for you.

Keep It Under the Mattress?

As well as providing a great space saving device, storage beds also offer another facility: security. While we’ve all heard the jokes about people keeping money under the mattress – well, an ottoman bed allows you to do just that. Some have safes built into the storage area whilst others have a locking mechanism that locks the top of the bed to the storage compartment. To all intents and purposes, these ottoman beds look just like ordinary ones but you could, quite literally, be sleeping on a fortune! Rather than enjoying extra living space at the expense of storage – why not combine the two with a storage bed?


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