Great Massage – Learn to Massage Pain Away


A great massage releases tension from the body, mind, and soul. It can be done in pairs as a date, or you may want to practice massaging one another. Either way, a great massage goes the distance whereas a poor one leaves you aching for no more.

What is a therapeutic massage?

From a professional standpoint, if you are paying for a tuina massage, then you should get a well-balanced massage. A well-balanced massage has these ingredients: the massage therapist is balanced, centered, and grounded. The massager should be completely focused on your body. Not to mention, you should be made to feel safe, special, and nurtured as your body is being rejuvenated. If you are not paying for a massage, remember these elements for they will empower you to give a great massage.

The therapeutic massage has a long history, dating back to ancient times. It has been used in such cultures as India, China, Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Its purifying effects touch the following organs in the body:

Through stimulation the pores are opened and poisons are released through perspiration.

Muscle pain
Lactic acid collected in the muscles from a rigorous work out is reduced and the tension is dissolved.

Blood circulation
The blood in the area of the body being massaged is sped up providing more nutrients. It also reduces swelling and increase the capacity of oxygen carried through the blood.

A gentle massage with light pressure will relieve tension in the nerves increasing their overall efficiency.

The Digestive System
Massaging the abdomen stimulates the digestive system by promoting the elimination of wastes.

Urinary System
An overall body massage eliminates toxic substances from the body through urine secretion.

As you can see, a massage truly aids in ridding the body or impurities. It is a highly effective treatment for many of the body’s ailments.

How do you give a good massage?

You don’t have to be an expert to make someone moan with delight from a great massage. Apart from your hands, your ears and mouth will be a great asset. Listen to the person who you are massaging. They will tell you what they want. Too hard or too soft is easily remedied by asking how you are doing. With that in mind, add some baby oil, Cocoa Butter, or lotion and we will talk about giving a great massage. Working our way down the body, let’s start by talking about a head and neck massage.

For a head and neck massage, you will need a chair, soft music, scented candles or incense.

1. Start with the comfy chair in the middle of a room.
2. With someone seated in the chair, use the tips of your fingers. Starting with small circles, work up the back of the neck.
3. Once you reach the back of the skull, move one hand to the forehead and leave the other one on the back of the neck.
4. Take the hand resting on the neck and gently work the part between the base of the skull and the shoulders massaging gently with the tips of the fingers.
5. With the gentlest of ease, rock the head forward and then back 3 times.
6. From behind, run the fingers of both hands across the scalp. Think about it like your shampooing hair. You’ll want to contract and extend your fingers throughout the scalp pressing into the scalp with your fingertips.
7. After a few minutes of fingertip massaging, move one hand to the back of the scull. Place the other on the top of the forehead for stability. Use the palm of your hand to rub vigorously around the back of the head. You can rub in a horizontal, vertical, or circular motion. Do this for about 5 minutes working your way around the scull.
8. Now take two fingers, and ever so lightly rotate them along the temples in a circular position. If you start in a counter clockwise position, do a few rotations and then switch to clockwise. Alternate between the two rotations for a few minutes.
9. Move you fingers down the face and along the jaw line. Once you reach the ears allow your fingers to slip behind the ears to the pressure point. Press gently on the pressure point allowing your fingers to hesitate momentarily before you slide down the neck and complete the head massage.

Massaging the shoulders and back is easier to do from a laying position; however, it is achievable from a sitting position.

1. Start with a comfortable position.
2. Allow your hands to rest on the trapezius muscle or shoulders.
3. Flex your hands into the muscle squeezing gently. Follow through with the thumbs in a clockwise position pushing into the muscle.
4. Work your way down the spine. Using the tips of your fingers, press in a circular motion. Soothe with your hands, palms, forearms, or elbows to work out the tension.
5. Continue with this motion until relaxation is achieved or until one of you has had enough.

Massaging hands and feet have a similar approach. The following steps you can use for either massage.

1. Place the hand or foot in a comfortable position.
2. With both of your hands, allow them to wrap around the object you are massaging.
3. Tighten your grasp while pressing into the soft spots. For example, use the tips of your fingers to press into the palm and allow your hands to wrap around the hand offering a gentle squeeze. Think about it like your giving the hand or foot a hug with your hands. With the foot you will do the same but you will concentrate on the arch.
4. Pressing toward the kinked area, you will attempt to work the pain out using the circular approach discussed earlier. On a side note, I have found that knuckles are very helpful in digging into soar arches. Feel free to use some imagination here. You have nothing to lose but soar feet.

One last thought, it is important to remember that a great massage is designed to relax and soothe. On occasion, a great massage has been known to lead to sex. This is an interesting contradiction. A great massage will relax the body lulling it into a slumber like state whereas sexual arousal will heighten the body’s senses often leaving a feeling of euphoria. So was Vincent Vega, John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction, right when he argued with Jules, Samuel L. Jackson, that a foot massage is just a foot massage?

Well, yes and no.

If you are massaging to relax, then you probably won’t be doing so with chocolate sauce. Just like if you are massaging for nookie then you won’t want to put the other person to sleep with relaxing music and deep tension twisting muscle rubs.


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