Greek Frozen Yogurt – A Healthy Alternative


A new trend in desserts today that is popping up on nearly every street corner is Greek frozen yogurt. People that are devoted to it love the health benefits that come with it. This delicious trend includes toppings galore, such as fruit, cereals, candy, and other mix-ins that promise health benefits, such the probiotics that help with immunity and digestion.

Just like with any other food, a healthy diet includes healthy portion sizes as too much will take away the benefits of the lower fat, higher protein treat, especially when you add all the self serve topping options. A great way to eat the Greek yogurt powder mix is to take a couple of ounces of the base and top it with fresh fruit to keep the snack healthy. Even with the extra calories from the toppings, it is still considered to be a healthier option than its counterparts.

Unlike the yogurt shops of 20 years ago, this new trend is to concentrate on the actual flavor of the yogurt, not sweeten it. This gives a more tart flavor, making it different than traditional ice cream. This also seems to be working well for the industry as in the last two years, the amount of frozen treat stores in the country has been on the rise from just over 3,500 to nearly 5,000 with the industry raking in over $6 billion a year, showing some of the highest growth in the frozen dessert industry. Much of this comes from the rise of new business owners during a recession because people need the money to survive.

It is hard to determine if Greek frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream, but in order to be yogurt it needs to contain various healthy bacterias, other known as probiotics. These are streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus blugaricus to aid in digestion and to help you process lactose. Greek style yogurt will also have more protein than the regular kind, making it a healthy alternative to regular ice cream. Not only do these treats have to contain more protein and probiotics, but its tart flavor also helps the body release sugar.

Greek frozen yogurt is even healthier than the regular kind because of its higher concentration of protein and creaminess, making it lower in carbohydrates and fats, the things that people who are trying to eat healthy will want to avoid anyway. One serving of Greek frozen yogurt makes a healthy and satisfying dessert on a warm summer evening.


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