Interested in hosting a home décor party or identifying business opportunities as a sales consultant for a home décor or home décor company? Here’s what you need to know. There are a variety of direct selling companies that offer home décor products.

Home Interiors(TM) bills itself as the largest direct selling home accessories company in the United States, with over 100,000 decorating consultants.

Products offered by decor companies can include indoor and outdoor home décor products such as candles, accessories, kitchen and cooking products, candles, silk flowers, photos and paintings, shelving, furniture, and bedding.

If you are interested in hosting a party, the process is very simple. Choose the company whose products you are most interested in and contact your local consultant. Your consultant will provide a hostess kit with instructions, ideas and checklists for everything you need to have a successful party. You kits also include brochures or catalogs, special hostess gifts or discounts you receive for hosting a party, and extras you can earn based on total sales or number of guests at the party. A person who books their own party, or often a combination of the two.

Your consultant will also work with you to answer your questions and make suggestions to help your party succeed and get what you want.

When you receive your hostess kit, the first thing you should do is take some time to look at it. Take a look at the hostess gifts and incentives available to you. Set goals and decide what you want. Figure out what your total sales must be to hit that goal. And create an action plan to achieve it.

The single biggest problem most hostesses have is not inviting enough guests or not following up after sending out an invitation.

Please don’t let this happen. Instantly create a guest list and give it to your home decor consultant or get invitations mailed to you instantly. Invite everyone you know.

If you have a small house or apartment, one of the most successful types of home decor parties is often the “open house”. These types of parties have set start and end times, but guests are free to come and go to fit their busy schedules. Since there is no set number of guests in the house at the same time, space, enough chairs, and even enough space for product display are not so important. In fact, most successful hostesses say she enjoys the party more because her duties are lighter and she can relax more. Another advantage is that you can invite more people throughout the party that most other types can’t.

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