How A Commercial Laundry Machine Dries Laundry


Ever thought about how a commercial laundry goes about washing and turning around laundry as fast as they do? Well a good part of the process is the way that they dry the laundry, as if they did the same as you did at home by waiting for clothes to dry naturally they would go out of business overnight.

Commercial laundry is a fast paced business with laundry turnaround speed not only for customers who need bed linen and work clothes laundered, being paramount, but the faster the Laundry Mat Near Me is turned around then the more business the laundry can do. So in this business time quite literally is money.

Firstly the laundry has a few options to speed up the drying process.

The first thing is that the washing machines are designed to use the minimal amount of water to get the laundry clean, which minimises water in the process from the outset. The washing machines also have a very high speed spin cycle to remove water as the first stage of the drying process.

Then they can use machines called hydro extractors, which are upright spinners (Allowing laundry to be placed in and removed from the top) that spin up to 1,500 rpm, which are use to extract as much water as humanly possible from the laundry. In fact these machines are so effective that for certain types of laundry it is dry enough not to be tumble dried, and can be moved straight through to the ironing process.

Some types of laundry will still be required to be put through the tumble dryer. These tumble dryers are industrial grade machines with load capacities from 5kg to 120kg. They are designed to dry the laundry as fast as possible, yet use as little energy as possible, as one of the biggest expenses in a commercial laundry is the utilities cost.

These industrial tumble dryers are gas powered so they heat up very quickly, they also feature very clever sensors that detect when the laundry is actually dry and then shut the machines heating off, thus minimising energy and leaving nothing down to the operator. Whilst they get extremely hot, the latest machines feature built in fire alarms that are connected to fire extinguishers that automatically come on in the event of a fire.

Overall these three commercial laundry machines enable the laundry to dry everything at incredible speed, yet using as little energy and water as possible to help conserve the environment.


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