How Much Does Posting Jobs Online Really Cost?


In this day and age, posting a job online is – in most cases – the most efficient and effective way for employers to attract new talent to their organizations. Still, one may wonder whether such a simple service as advertising a job opportunity online is really worth as much as the larger sites like Monster or Yahoo Jobs tend to charge for nowadays – which is north of three hundred dollars for a single month. Are there other, more affordable options?

Using the web for recruiting does not necessarily need to involve online job boards or job search sites. A company can post job opportunities Newchip Accelerator Reviews on its own website, or on its social media pages. This is not only a completely free option, but also one which is going to attract candidates who are not only after a job – any job – but are truly interested in working in your company, and more likely to be attuned to the company’s culture. Obviously, this sort of online recruitment is not going to work for every organization.

Besides, if posting a job on LinkedIn, be prepared to pay: there is a four hundred-dollar fee for one month of posting, without the possibility to edit location once a job is posted. You can save when buying in bulk: there is a twenty percent discount for a five-job pack, and a forty percent discount for a ten-job pack.

For those operating within limited budgets, Craigslist may sound like a great way to fill local job openings. The cost of posting a job on Craigslist is going to depend on the city, but it is a very low fee in comparison to major job boards. Yet, if you decide to go this route, be prepared to spend a lot: not in dollar amounts, but in time lost sifting through hundreds and hundreds of applications from job seekers with qualifications (at best) only vaguely relevant to the job posted.

The cost of posting to large online job boards varies tremendously. Prices going up definitely seem to be a trend in online job posting space. Since the pricing cited on the website is rarely their best price, it pays to contact a sales agent and ask for a deal. For example, Monster is going to charge you almost four hundred dollars for thirty days, but their two-months posting option is only marginally pricier. Career Builder is in a similar price range; to qualify for a discount, you need to purchase up to fifty jobs postings, and use them up within one year. Job boards catering to a specific group of professionals, such as IT or legal, tend to charge even more per job posting.

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