How to Buy Biker Sunglasses for Everyday Wear


It is not at all uncommon for anyone to own many pairs of sunglasses, but of course you can still  wear your biker sunglasses when you are not on your motorcycle. Besides the main reason of protecting your eyes from harm UV rays from the sun and flying debris, biker white sunglasses also give you a look that projects a particular  mood.  For whatever reasons we wear and cherish our sunglasses I suggest to you a few important factors to consider when you purchase your next pair of biker sunglasses that can be worn as everyday eyewear..

The first factor that you want to consider is their ability to block out no less than 100% of harmful UV rays. Not all sunglasses address this issue so it is very important that you look and make sure that the overwhelming majority of sunglasses that you own will protect your eyes. No matter how you look in them it is most important that your eyes to be protected. Of course sun damage happens over a period of time but it is best to make it a habit to protect your vision as much as possible.

A more immediate cause of damage to the eyes while riding is insects, dust and other flying debris.  Sunglasses made for motorcycle riders address this issue by adding a lightly rubberized foam on the frame around the lens. This foam is very useful for not only protecting the eyes from flying debris and hazardous fumes but also blocking out the harmful sunlight.  Since wearing this foam padding can make your face a bit warm when you are not riding you might want to buy sunglasses with removable padding. or no padding at all.  This will make you more comfortable when you are lying around the pool or at the  beach.


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