How to Choose a Service Provider For a SMS Marketing Campaign?


Choosing the right service provider is important for the success of your SMS marketing campaign. Here we outline some of the important factors that you need to check to ensure success of your sms api marketing campaign. Setting the campaign should be easy and hassle-free. The solution provider should either provide with a web based system or a desktop application in which you can use to send the SMS to your target group. You do not have to spend much time to get the campaign up and running. Always ask the service provider for a demo before making any commitment. The service provider should be able to deliver your message across all protocols like WAP, 3G and GPRS because these are the latest technologies available in many mobile handsets. If that is not done you can lose the edge over your competition. Your message should be delivered across all mobile operators. It will increase the effectiveness of the SMS marketing campaign.

The service provider should be able to brand your message. Not many providers and operators have this feature but it does make a great impact. Personally, I feel a branded SMS will make a significantly better impact than an anonymous message. People intend to respond more often to a message which is sent by a business rather than a ‘number’. Marketers will get better value of their money by sending a branded sms. You may also want to send a ‘Flash SMS’ rather than a conventional SMS. A flash SMS simply shows up on the mobile screen without the user having to open the message and read it. Sometimes marketers prefer to send this type of a message rather than a conventional SMS depending on the customer segment that they are targeting. If the readers are interested they can save the SMS to their handsets for later use.

Is the service provider you are talking with capable of sending ‘Bulk SMS’. The success of a mobile marketing campaign depends a lot on the reach of the message. If you are able to reach a targeted customer group within a short time, it will help you to generate more leads and prospective customers.

Sms communication is not only used for generating sales leads but for communicating with the sales force for providing them avenues of communication. It can also be used as an event trigger. As your business grows you will only aim to get more out of SMS technology to enable your business. Value added services like integrating your SMS marketing tool with the mail client and multiple language support can help your business to grow faster than you would expect. Choosing the right SMS service provider for your business can take a little more of your valuable time but at the end it will be all worth the time and effort.



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