How to Fix a Pair of Eyeglasses


Most people with eyeglasses will at some point have an incident that causes some form damage to their eyeglasses. Fortunately, one does not have to rush to the eyeglass store to get them fixed. By using an eyeglass repair kit, you can often do the repair yourself.

The following is a guide to fixing a pair of eyeglasses:

Purchase a quality eyeglass repair kit. You can purchase these kits online, or at any eyeglasses store or department store. Examine the Eye exam Ottawa to see where it is damaged.

I. A Screw Loose or Missing

If the screw is loose, remove it. Get a new screw from your repair kit. Insert where a screw is missing with a new screw. When putting in a new screw, tighten the screw and stop when you feel it tough to turn

II. Missing or Damaged Nose Supports

Remove the screw that holds the current nose pad. Get a nose pad from your repair kit or get the specific one that matches your eyeglasses from an eyeglass store. Insert the new nose pad by lining up the new nose pad with the bracket. Begin to replace the screw by tightening it. Stop when you have to force it to turn.

III. Screw in the Lens Frame Missing or Worn

Remove the current screw that connects the ear piece to the frame of the eyeglass. Use the screwdriver to insert a new screw. Tighten the screw but stop when you have to force it.

IV. Hinge Damaged

Use the little pliers from the eyeglass repair kit to carefully bend the hinge back in place.

When repairing eyeglasses there are number of measures one should take to avoid further damage, and include:

1. Apply a bit of clear nail polish on the hinge once screws are inserted. Make sure it is dry before wearing your eyeglasses. This helps keep the screw in place.

2. If the metal hinge has broken off the frame, apply strong glue using a toothpick. Hold the hinge in place until it adheres to the frame.

3. If the earpiece slides off the frame, glue it back on the frame.

4. Make sure the eyeglass repair kit you buy has all the necessary repair items.

5. When doing a repair, work under a bright light and use a brightly colored towel to set your equipment. A bright one color towel such as pink or white will ensure that if you drop any item such as a very small screw, you will find it.

6. When repairing eyeglasses, you will likely get smudges from your fingers all over the lenses and frame. Use a quality eye glass cleaner and an eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe away any smudges and dirt.

If you think you may damage your eyeglasses if you try to repair them, take them to your local eyeglass store or your eye doctor. We all engage in activities that put our eyeglasses at risk of being damaged. It could be such incidents as playing sports or accidentally falling off when we get out of vehicle. Fortunately, there are quality eye repair kits that can provide you with everything you need to fix them.


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