How to Succeed in Sports Writing Jobs


Sports writing jobs are not only glamorous but highly rewarding in terms of recognition and job satisfaction. They can be so lucrative that many sports stars have considered this to be their career alternative after they have retired from active participation in their sports. Their articles appear regularly in various newspapers, magazines, websites etc.

Online media has emerged as a powerful alternative to conventional electronic and print media, as you can readily connect with your audience with a click of mouse. There are numerous websites, newsletters, blogs and forums which receive immediate feedback from readers, which help the site owners to feel the pulse of the audience. The huge and ever expanding market of web journalism offers incredible opportunities for sports writers, many of whom work as freelancers by choice.

Various sports channels and magazines host their websites to assert their web presence. Apart from them, there are independent web portals that are dedicated to sports and games. These sites hire teams of writers to give fresh content to their readers. They offer tremendous potential for anyone who considers online sports writing as his expertise. With the right skills, you can climb the ladder and earn a handsome package in the long run. Here are some tips that will help you succeed in this profession:

Interest and effort

The basic qualification of a sports writer is his passion for sports. If you sincerely believe that you share this passion, and can write well, you can proceed with your plans and expect success. But this does not mean that you need to be an accomplished sports star. All you need is an interest in various sports.

Sharing this passion is not enough. You need to undertake extensive research on almost every sport that you can think of. Read books, magazines, and newspaper for sports articles. Listen to commentaries and follow the sporting events closely for a better insight into the games. You should understand the subtle nuances of various games. If you are not sure about how things work, you should seek the help of experts. However, it is not enough to know the game alone. You should also be familiar with the teams, players and their records.

Build your network

Once you have decided on becoming a sports writer, you should concentrate on building your network of contacts and sources. They will help you gather reliable information. You can have access to all the scoops and news, which will be instrumental in determining your success.

Other factors

Besides these aspects, a good sports writer also needs to have a great command over the language he uses to express his thoughts and ideas. When language is your strength, your expressions will become eloquent and clear.

Another important requirement of an online sports writer is computer skills. You should be familiar with the web environment and know how to do research. Your typing speed should also be good.

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