Violin is an easy instrument to play. It is considered to be one of the most pleasant sounding instruments.

In orchestra, ensemble or full string symphony, violin is one of the highest tuned instruments. That is why listeners may be “hypnotized” with its pleasant sound.

Beginners may LEARN TO PLAY VIOLIN easily. It is a misconception for other people that playing a violin is a very difficult thing to do. Just follow these easy steps for you to LEARN TO PLAY VIOLIN.
The first thing you need is to have a violin and a bow, violin lesson book, and a violin teacher.

Ask for professional help in choosing the right eastman violins for you. They can also provide you with easy to learn books for playing the violin. At the same time, they can be your violin teacher.
Now, the next thing to do is how to properly tune your violin. The string notes of a violin are E-A-G-D. G string is the thickest, D is less thick, A is thinner and E is the thinnest. You can ask your violin teacher to guide you on how to tune or you can use a violin or guitar tuner.

After everything has been set up, you need to practice handling the violin in a correct manner. Hold the violin with a gentle pressure and it should be appropriate. Slide your fingers up and down the fret board with your left hand holding the violin.

Position the arm with the left hand pointing downwards, this would make the instrument rest on the thumb and the rest of the fingers on the strings for easy access on the notes on the fret board. Hold the bow on the right hand and gently slide it on the stings to make a simple note that you’ve learned.

Now that you know how to handle the violin properly, it is time to play the violin. Pluck the G string in a steady rhythm using the bow. Repeat plucking with the E, A, D string for about 4 times. You can also use a metronome to get the proper count.

Mix the sequence and practice more on the accuracy of the strings to be plucked. Learn to listen on the different tones of each string and combine them to make a simple tune. Practice more to IMPROVE VIOLIN SKILLS.

Accuracy is the key to make a beautiful music by playing the violin. Accurate knowledge about the beats, octaves, scales and methods will make you learn playing the instrument faster. Follow the steps so you will not be confused.

Don’t hold back. Be confident and focus on your mind that you can learn how to play the violin. Free your mind from negative intuitions. Tell to yourself that you can play the violin.

Playing violin is a skill to learn so practice more to attain your goal. Maybe in the end you will be one of the highly praised violin players in the world.

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