Sonarcn Blog London Hotel Booking – Unique Places to Stay On Your London Visit

London Hotel Booking – Unique Places to Stay On Your London Visit

London has much to offer the curious traveller. Whether you’re visiting for tourism, for business, or just staying for one night on the way to another destination, make your visit memorable and choose one of these delightfully unique lodgings when making your hotel booking.

Bermondsey Square Hotel

Sure, The Beatles were from Liverpool. But that doesn’t mean you can’t soak up some swinging 60s style in London. Bermondsey Square Hotel’s 79 bedrooms combine a chic atmosphere delivered direct from the summer of love, with a modern twist to satisfy all music-loving explorers.

If you really want to indulge in a bit of 60s worship, then make your hotel booking in one of the luxury loft rooms best site to book a las vegas hotel. These four boutique rooms each boast their own unique features such as a Japanese bath, a hammock and an outdoor hot-tub. Oh, and they’re each named after famous songs from the 60s – “Judy”, “Ruby”, “Lily” and “Lucy”. A truly groovy place to make your hotel booking.

Brown’s Hotel

Are you visiting London to soak in some of its long, rich history? Put your hotel at the heart of your historical experience and make your hotel booking at Brown’s Hotel. Not only is it the oldest hotel in the city – it also boasts many incredible stories. It’s famous as the location from which Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever phone call, and it’s rumoured that Rudyard Kipling penned the Jungle Book whilst staying at the hotel.

Brown’s also boasts five-star status, with individually decorated rooms and suites. But I’ve saved what might be its best feature for last – its afternoon teas have won awards! Surely that alone is a good enough reason to make your hotel booking at Brown’s?

Courthouse Doubletree

This luxury establishment, which is operated by Hilton, has had quite an unusual past life. Oscar Wilde, Mick Jagger and John Lennon have all visited, but not to experience top-notch room service – the grade II listed building used to be a magistrates court, and many famous faces had cases heard there.

Nowadays, the hotel still possesses many of the original features of the courthouse, and they are beautifully integrated into the Hotel’s timeless decor. With the famous shopping districts of Regent Street and Bond Street within easy distance, Courthouse Doubletree makes the perfect hotel booking for those looking for a bit of celebrity glamour in their London visit.

The Pavilion Fashion Rock and Roll Hotel

This hotel is owned by siblings Noshi and Danny Karne, and has been massively influenced by Danny’s former life as a fashion model. The place is brimming with vintage chic – a cluttered collection of antiques and kitsch examples of pop culture detritus. The Pavilion absolutely exudes style, and has attracted many famous faces – from supermodels to bands and actors.

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