Memory Foam Pillows Have Brought Revolution in Sleeping Comfort


If you are the one who does not get good sleep and usually tosses and turns the whole night, getting up tired in the morning with neck and back aches you need a good quality memory foam pillow. A wrong sagging pillow can cause you more harm than you would know as it lacks support and your entire posture is affected. This is because, during the entire course of your sleep, you do not have adequate support for your neck and head.

A memory foam perfect pillow is perfect for those suffering from back and neck aches as it contours and molds to the shape of your neck and head giving you the perfect posture no matter if you are lying on your back or either side without feeling strained or uncomfortable. It provides proper support and cushioning to your body. It can acquire the shape of the body as it is heat-sensitive material. In 1966 NASA had originally developed this material as a part of their space program. This visco-elastic polyurethane resilient foam is very soft and light. It is very dense and hence durable and nice and firm under the head.

Memory foam pillow eliminates turning and twisting in the bed by providing a comfortable position of perfect spine and neck alignment. It provides relief for painful pressure points and reduces snoring problems as the breathing passage gets properly aligned with the use of the pillow. They are available in various densities from 2.5 to 5.3 pounds per cubic foot. A 4lb pillow is perfect as it is not too soft or hard and not that expensive. It costs $52 and provides the best features keeping you ache free.

Sometimes you are traveling and you cannot find a perfect pillow, a memory foam pillow is your perfect traveling partner as it is lightweight and portable. This pillow provides years and years of ongoing support and comfort. When brand new the pillow comes with some odor which disappears when aired in a breezy environment. Proper care should be taken and these pillows should not be directly exposed to the sun.

Many manufacturers have realized the benefits of memory foam and had introduced it in making their mattresses and pillows. For 15 years Tempurpedic has been in the market making it one of the better ones. Others are fascinated by the memory foam technology they are using making them a tough competitor in the market. But be aware there are many cheap quality memory foam products in the market especially coming from other countries. Always check before you buy. Compress your fingers deep in the pillow release them and time up how long it takes to restore itself. If the prints evaporate in 7- 10 seconds then it is good-quality memory foam.

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