Sunglasses are especially popular these days not only because of their style but also because of their protective features. Too much of the sun’s UV rays can damage our eyes. For this reason, many people have grown fond of sunglasses and eventually have started to use them not only for the purpose of shielding their eyes against the sun but for fashion purposes as well. The whole sunglasses trend also extends to those who need visual aid as sunglasses can also come with corrective features as well. Due to their high demand, different brands of sunglasses are now available in the worldwide market.

Some popular square sunglasses  brands dominate the worldwide eyewear industry. However, these types of sunglasses can be expensive, which is why you may need to save up if you wish to grow your sunglasses collection. While the top sunglasses brands have their own low-cost replicas, any collector will notice the prominent distinctions they have from the authentic ones. Here are the top five most popular sunglasses brands around the world:


Topping the list of most popular sunglasses in the world is the well-known brand of Prada. This brand is not only leading the sunglasses industry but also in other fashion accessories from clothes to bags to footwear. It is also the popular choice of famous Hollywood icons because of its wide range of luxury shades. Prada products are noted for their optimum materials and shapes which flatter all kinds of face shapes.


George sunglasses became popular with women because of their designs with a touch of the classical 1970’s style. They can effectively add elegance to any wearer’s style.

Fendi Sunglasses

Fendi is a popular Italian house that was launched in 1925 in Rome. Their eyewear line includes prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses. Fendi sunglasses are among the most popular brand of sunglasses for men. Fendi produces the best wrap-around styles which are especially designed for the active and fashionable man.


Ray-Ban sunglasses come 4th on the list. Ray-Ban is a manufacturer of high end sunglasses. The company was founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1937. There are seven main lines in the Ray-Ban collection, namely Fast and Furious, Icons, High Street, Active Lifestyle, Craft, Families and Tech. Their sunglasses frames are either thick and made from carbon fiber or very thin and made from metal.


The 5th most popular brand of sunglasses is DKNY, mostly because of their unique aviator-style sunglasses. They produce stylish yet comfortable sunglasses.

There are many other sunglasses brands that have made their way to the hearts of trendy collectors. No matter which brand you choose to go with, make sure you look out for genuine products, not fake ones.


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