Online Tarot Card Reader – 3 Tips on How To Use Them


An online tarot card reader may be a complete computer software or a piece of script (program code) embedded on a website for visitors or members to use. The use of the program may be free for everyone, or the website may ask for registration for some sort of membership before the person can use the reader.

Is something like this useful to the tarot reader? Yes, it is. It’s like having your own tarot guidebook, only digital. You can read the meaning of the intuition tarot cards just by pointing and clicking. You can practice your readings in front of your computer and simply use the program as a guide.

If there is no program available on the site but you see something like ‘free online tarot reading’, you may be asked to send in a question together with your birthday so that a real person can do a reading for you. You will receive an email containing the reading and the details related with your question. This discussion, however, is limited to the use of an automatic tarot reader, a program designed to make tarot card readings a breeze.

How to Use an Online Tarot Reader?

1. Do Your Own Studying Before Using a Tarot Reader

Base knowledge will make anything go smoothly, and tarot reading is no exception. If you base your tarot card predictions solely on what you read on the tarot reader, you’re likely to create a purely academic reading. By this I mean, you’re reading each card individually and the ‘story’ of the current spread does not flow as smoothly.

An online tarot reader will also have a limited array of interpretations, maybe a few lines per card for the reversed and upright meanings. This may severely limit your potential to do love tarot readings.

2. Take Note of the Cards on the Spread

As you should do when you’re practicing with a set of real tarot deck and a guidebook, take note of the cards that appear on the tarot reader. Have a notebook or a pad of paper in front of you and jot down the cards as they appear on a spread. This will help you call to mind the spread you just did and study it to your heart’s content when you’re not in front of the computer.

Your use of the resource may be limited to a few spreads or a few minutes, as is the case for most websites that commercially market tarot reading services. Of course, if a tarot website invested on something like an online reader, they would want to get something out of it. Even if the program is free, you might see some advertisements of the website’s services. This is the main reason why you should maximize the use of the reader, while you can do it for free.

3. Don’t Depend on the Online Tarot Card Reader

Dependence on an online tarot card reader means you may feel like it’s so convenient that you don’t have to purchase your own tarot card and guidebook. You may feel that you have to log in and use it whenever you have a question, which could mean paying for the service if it is no longer available for free. This is not exactly a bad thing, but you can find other downloadable guides that you can pay for only once and use for a lifetime.

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