PS3 Flashing Light – Annoying PlayStation 3 Flashing Light Problem Fixed For Good


So you’re having PS3 flashing light problems? That’s no fun. Believe me, I understand. As painful as it might seem, you need to get it fixed. Your PlayStation 3 won’t magically start working again. So lets look at some common methods for fixing PS3 flashing light problems and let me show what I did to get rid of them for good. Let’s start with some common techniques you can try at home for how to fix PS3 blinking lights.

Home Techniques to Fix PS3 flashing Light error

1 – Do this first! Simply restart your system. This is an underrated repair technique.
2 – Are any cables loose or damaged? If they are loose, hook them back up. If they are damaged, replace them promptly.
3 – Still not working? Unplug all hookups from your ps4 game system. Now plug them all back in securely and try again.
4 – Okay, final thing to do if your PlayStation 3 is still flashing lights at you. Remove the hard drive for 15 minutes and then re-insert it. This will cycle the memory and can sometimes make it start working.

If these tips were no good at fixing your PS3 console, then you’ll have to actually repair it. I can give you some guidelines to follow, but the choice of the repair technique you choose is up to you.

Let Sony Fix that PS3 Flashing Light Problem

This is by far the easiest route to go. The only problem is that you can end up spending $130 or even $150 just in repair fees! That’s not even including shipping costs to the company. You’re usually covered under a warranty, but sometimes they can be a real pain and will still find ways to charge you. If you don’t feel comfortable with the next method, definitely stick with this. But if you want a cheaper way to get rid of those PlayStation 3 flashing lights, then try this:

Fix Your PlayStation 3 Yourself At Home

This is becoming popular because more and more people are willing to try it and save money from sending their PS3 to Sony. Basically you take the console apart and repair the part inside that causes it to flash the lights at you. You can try this yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own, there are repair guides out there that can walk you through it.

Yuck! PS3 Flashing Lights. I hate them. That’s why I want to help you fix your Sony PlayStation 3 console without having to spend all that extra money and time with Sony’s repair service. This repair guide will show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to take the system apart and fix the problem that is causing the PS3 blinking lights. If it doesn’t work, they give money back (and the only way it won’t work is if you don’t try it).


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