Rock Carpet – Flooring Resin


Flooring resin is the product used to complete the installation process of the state of the art rock carpet. It sounds like an “oxymoron” but its not. The flooring resin used during the installation process is a combination of water resistant resins and epoxy polymers. This clear flooring resin is not only used to finish the installation of rock carpet, it is used as the main ingredient in keeping this revolutionary floor sealed, fade resistant, scratch and dent resistant, and stain free.

The resins are composed of epoxy polymers and other materials that draw dirt and water away from its smooth flat surface which helps keep it clean, dry, and slip free. Once it has been applied to the rock carpet, the result is a slip and stain proof, dent and scratch proof, and water resistant floor that will last a lifetime. Rock carpet is the latest flooring type that can be applied to just about any flat surface. From resin bound driveways of all shapes sizes, to in and out-door flooring, to commercial flooring.

The purpose of using this resin, especially on rock carpet, is to solidify its surface, its look, its smooth texture, and water resistant properties. So far, it has been a big hit for the modern design conscious property owner. Its functionality and versatility is unmatched by that of any other flooring type because you can custom design its color, pattern, depth, and overall look.

Its endless options yet newness to the public have made it a very hot topic for both residential and commercial property owners. Its name is derived from its composition, which is many thousands of tiny rocks/stones primarily from North/South America and New Zealand. Passing by a property with the revolutionary rock carpet will definitely turn heads. This is a definite consumers best buy.


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