Search Engine Marketing 105-Advanced Search Engine Techniques Applied-Part I


Search engine marketing of course is the art of doing things, both on page, and off, that stimulate the search engines to rank your web page above the web pages of other web sites optimized for the same keyword.

Now the idea here is that, for a given keyword, all you have to do is to do things a little better than the #1 result for that keyword, Edwin Urrutia, and given time, holding all other things constant, you should be able to snag the #1 spot for that keyword.

Now, in the earlier editions of this, I taught about on-page and off-page techniques, so I won’t elaborate here.

But how do you apply these techniques so that you can win the search engine war?

1) Type in your preferred keyword in a search engine. Look at each of the results. Are the titles consistent with the keyword? Sometimes you can have nice sites that have decent overall rankings (pr) and they do not have a title that is consistent with the keyword chosen. I have done some casual tests of this, and have found that just writing an article and titling it the keyword phrase, was enough to take one of my articles to the #1 spot for that keyword in just 2 weeks – and I did it with about 20 different keywords in the same week!

So what does this tell you? Just by naming your page or writing an article, using only the keywords, may be enough to propel you to the top ten, or maybe even #1.


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