Soy Wax Candle Making Secrets From Home


Many people agree that soy candles are the best types of candles to work with. In fact, as compared to other types of candles, soy wax candle making is regarded as the easiest. Basically, the Clean burning candles are manufactured by means of combining fragrance, dye and wax. Meaning, you do not need to become an expert just to produce your own soy candles.

As compared to candles made of paraffin, soy wax candle making proves to be low-maintenance. For one thing, clean-up is a breeze. You do not have to worry over clog dishwashers or basins. Second, materials are easy to get and they are not costly or too expensive. Money-wise, these type of candles are in-demand and are very easy to make.

In making soy candles, all you need is one pound of wax, an ounce of fragrance oil, wax dye, cotton wick and one Mason jar. Remember that soy wax comes in two forms, which is in flake and in block. Comparatively, it is suggested that you use the block soy wax in making your first batch.

Soy wax candle making also bears a number of secrets and must-haves. For example, you have to learn how to create the right scent or fragrance. Try combining one or two known scents for a more personalized touch. It is also important to buy sets of fragrances that are compatible with your base, which is soy wax.

Remember to use wax dyes in soy wax candle making. This item comes in three forms namely block, powder or liquid. Use the one that is most appropriate. Choose one that will best complement your work. Take note of possible candle wicks. For soy candles, what works best are thicker wicks or pre-tabbed wicks. It is also important to take note of candle size and diameter. For large soy candles, the best choice would be thicker wicks. As for small soy candles, it is best to choose corresponding small-sized wicks.

Candle containers are a must in soy wax candle making. There are basically different types of containers. You can choose mason jars, glass jars even plastic. However, it is always necessary to keep all containers clean. Each container should be dry and kept properly. They should be washed and dust-free.

In making your soy candles, make sure to cook or melt your wax at medium heat. Once everything has melted, try adding the oil and stir. You can then proceed by simply adding color or dye. After which, you can pour the mixture into the container and let it set for a couple of minutes.



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