Sustainable Living: Can You Keep Up?


Unless you are living inside a rock, everyone must be aware right now on the damages we have caused the Earth through the years. Good thing there are people who have taken the step towards sustainable living, which a lifestyle that reduces environmental impact. This kind of lifestyle is beneficial both to the Earth and the person. Some of the ways to live sustainably include composting, using public transportation, limiting the use of resources, hinder the use of single-use plastic, going for clean energy sources, buying local, and more.

Ways to Live a Sustainable Living


  1. Reduce energy consumption. By means of using less energy, you are also reducing carbon emissions. You don’t have to go completely off grid to do this because simple ways like switching off standby appliances, hanging clothes to dry instead of the use of a drier, turning your heating system down, and reducing the time spent on electric gadgets like computers and cellphones can help a lot.
  2. Practice minimalism. It’s funny how some would equate minimalism with living without anything. Minimalism simply means that you are making sure that you maximize everything that you own and use. Through a minimalism lifestyle, you are encouraged to recycle more and to become more mindful of the products you purchase. For example, you try to minimize single-use plastics and opt for eco-friendly alternatives.
  3. Use natural cleaners. Take some time to research some ecofriendly options for natural cleaners. For example, the use of vinegar and water can substitute your chemically-laden home cleaners. You can also use the saponin from quinoa as a laundry detergent. To help dry your clothes, you can use wool balls that are eco-friendly and would definitely help reduce energy consumption. By being sensible of the products you use inside your home, you will be able to influence your friends and family members to do the same.
  4. Ride a public commute. If you would go to your work on your own using a gas powered vehicle, think about the emission you are producing. To become more efficient, you can try to walk, ride a bike, or invest on an electric car. If these are impossible, then at least use public transportation. Some environmentalists would also argue that flying airplanes create too much environmental footprint so they have given up the practice in exchange to traveling using a train.
  5. Shop second-hand. One of the best ways to live a sustainable lifestyle is to not shop at all. But of course, this is impossible for some. So the next best thing you can do is to go for second hand items discount codes. Before you buy anything, you can check on your local thrift store for someone who might be selling the item. Not only is this option cheaper but you will help reduce waste in the landfills. For items that you cannot get secondhand, at least look for companies that use natural and recycles materials and those that follow sustainable business practices.
  6. Grow your food. Gardening has been a big trend during the quarantine period when people don’t have much thing to do. So many were able to look at the beauty of producing their own food. Not only is this cheaper but it also guarantees that your food is free from chemicals and pesticides that can further contribute to air and water pollution.
  7. Donate items you no longer use. Instead of letting all these items collect more dirt and dust, the best choice would be to donate items you no longer use. There are many charity shops that you can give old clothing and household items to. Otherwise, you can also donate them to your friends or relatives. Not only will you be able to brighten their day but you can also be able to live a sustainable life.
  8. Reduce water use. There are myriads ways you can do to cut back on your water consumption. For example, you can limit the amount of times that you flush your toilet. Do not throw your clothes to the laundry unless they are really dirty. Close the faucet when you are brushing your teeth. Limit the hours you spend on a shower. Also, water your lawn less often.

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