Swimming Pool Maintenance – The Winning Formula!


You want your swimming pool to be a clear, clean and beautiful place for your friends and family to enjoy. Performing good swimming pool maintenance is easier than you think, and can save you money and inexpensive pool care service and repair jobs down the road.

Tip #1 – Invest in a simple water testing kit, so that you can make sure your swimming pool’s water is kept at proper chemical balances. This includes chlorine levels, pH balance, and total alkalinity. All of these elements work together, so they need to be checked about every second day while your pool cleaning is in use. Getting accurate readings is very important, so be sure to replace your chemical testing kit on a regular basis. An older test kit may not give you proper readings, so that is definitely not a place you want to try to save money. Additionally, you should check your water from time to time even during the winter months. Bacteria and other foreign contaminants can still be a problem during cold weather, so don’t allow them to take hold.

Tip #2 – Buy a good swimming pool cover and use it. Any time your pool is not in use, you should keep the water covered, to prevent dirt, debris, leaves, insects and any other foreign objects from entering the water. All of these things can carry harmful organisms that will make your water unsafe for swimming in. Even rain and wind can introduce undesirable elements into your water, so keeping the water covered whenever the pool is not in use will prevent you from having to scramble at the last minute to put the cover on.

Tip #3 – Clean the pool’s walls, floor, and filter regularly. Outside of environmental elements, people can bring contaminants into the pool with them. Any place that people touch, in and around your pool, should be cleaned regularly to keep the water safe and healthy. Don’t forget the area around the pool, because it’s easy to have dirt and debris be transferred from it. Check your filter often, to keep it free and clear as well, so that it performs its function properly.

It is important to remember that a swimming pool is essentially an open water system that is very susceptible to environmental elements that are drawn to water, such as bacteria, algae, fungus, and viruses. Therefore, following these helpful tips for good swimming pool maintenance will keep your pool healthy and safe for you to enjoy throughout the season.

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