The Best Coffee and a Cup of Coffee


Cup of coffee with coffee beans on a brown wooden background

As I set up in bed, it is about 9am. I breathe in my first deep breath. Once the lungs are filled and expanded, I release the air that gets my blood flowing. I am thankful I can breathe on my own. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that.

I was at airplane layover in Las Vegas Nevada one time. I think I was heading to the east coast to see my family. I noticed all over there were coin slot machines making a ruckus with lights, bells and money changing sounds. But what intrigued was an all glass room with people coming in and going out.

I realized it was a smoking room for travelers that needed their nicotine fix.

What baffled me was the next absurd thing that came out…

There an old woman coming out of the smoking room. And you guessed it…

She was pulling an oxygen tank behind her!!

And yes, she smoked. Because I saw her with a cigarette in her mouth before she came out. You would think people would quit after they need an oxygen tank to breath. But, No! Not this lady. I wondered if she ever enjoyed breathing clean air.

So, there I am exhaling my full lungs thinking of what is next…

I know what’s next… C.P. E.

A Cup of Coffee… Pee… Eye contacts.

That’s right you read it correctly.

I walk in to the kitchen and pull out the best coffee Peet’s or the best coffee subscriptions Starbucks coffee. Whichever, I have previously purchased I make a cup of coffee. Usually, it is whatever the cheapest. Put some coffee beans in the grinder and make that loud noise. All the while of boiling hot water from my fresh ground beans.

I don’t like a cup of coffee they call iced coffee. Who gave a crazy person ice to put into the coffee?

There all types of the best coffee… Vietnamese coffee, Cuban coffee, African coffee, Columbian coffee, Italian roast, Sumatra roast, house blend, medium blend, espresso, whole bean, ground bean.

Either way… a cup of coffee IS A L L Good!

Every time I make a cup of coffee (about 2-3 times/ week) I remember my trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Every time I visit a local coffee shop to purchase a cup of coffee I remember that dream trip we visited a coffee plantation, Hacienda Monte Alto. We toured the bean fields and saw the best coffee bean buds. I smelled the rotting husks of the beans that were piled up outside. I saw and felt the heat of the roaster. I even picked up a sack of roasted beans.

I was ready to drink a cup of coffee.

In the background I could hear my family debate on how much the best coffee to purchase and when my aunt can send my parents more. My aunt lives there in San Juan few months out of the year. My drinks more that a cup of coffee. My mom occasionally states she wants some of the best coffee and brews a cup of coffee from the plantation she visited.

I believe the best coffee bags were about $6.00 – $7.00 / lb. depending on quality or grade of the coffee.

Next, I pee.

I gotta release the fluids… no explanation here. Absolutely, a nice pressure release.


I can’t leave out my eye contacts. I have to put those darn things in my eyes. Forty percent of the time I wear glasses, but those give me headaches over a long period of usage.

I hear the water boiling. AHHH, just can’t wait for a cup of coffee that is warm. I can exclude the tastes of floral, citrus, dark earthy flavor as it hits my tongue.

Instead of a cup of coffee, I put my nose close the bag and just breathe in the aroma of the beans and not make coffee. The smell is enough to get me going.

I pour the steamy water into my French Press and wait. In my opinion French press is the best way to drink a cup of coffee of the best coffee you prefer. Yes, I do stand there most of the time and wait. Three to four minutes goes by fast. Into my mug I pour a cup of coffee I pressed.

The mug is already hot from having just boiled water in it. It keeps the cup of coffee mug from cooling down the hot coffee. Smart idea, huh?

I remember camping one time. I would sleep under the stars near the camp fire. And yes, once or twice I would have to brush off an ember from my sleeping bag. That’s the reason I don’t own an expensive bag. But, one morning the campfire was close to the group food tent.


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