Sonarcn Blog Using Natural Supplements in a Weight Loss Program

Using Natural Supplements in a Weight Loss Program

When trying to lose weight, many believe that all they need is to change the way they eat and move more often. While it is true that regular exercise and a change in eating habits are the building blocks of any sound weight loss program, many times this is not enough to create the results you want. After years of poor diet and lack of movement, the body’s metabolism tends to be sluggish and can have difficulties in burning fat to create a significant drop in body weight. One way to boost the body’s ability to burn fat and keep energy levels up is through the use of dietary supplements.

When talking about supplements, it is important to make a distinction between natural weight loss supplements, prescription weight loss shots, and over the counter diet pills. The natural pills are usually plant-based with minimal side effects and are safe to take with other medications. Prescription weight loss medications are only available through a doctor and usually only given to those whose obesity is causing other health problems. These medications can contain harmful substances that can impair the body’s ability to burn fat in the long term, as well as cause feelings of anxiety or discomfort. The last category includes over the counter diet pills that normally include dangerous stimulants that can also cause long term damage. These pills are many times endorsed by celebrities and contain extravagant claims of quick weight loss that can be extremely unhealthy.

There are several popular natural weight loss supplements on the market today. One of the most effective is hoodia, which is derived from a South African cactus-like plant. The San bushmen have been using the plant for thousands of years to ward off hunger for up to days at a time. It was first noted in 1937 that this plant could help with appetite control, and in 1963 the molecule that helps control hunger was isolated and patented by a European drug company. Hoodia is praised not only for its ability to control appetite, but also for the lack of side effects that are so prevalent among over the counter solutions that contain large amounts of harmful stimulants. It can help curb cravings, and is also available in a more fast acting extract. This hoodia shot is popular to those on the go or who have serious problems with cravings. Because it is a supplement and not a medication, it works with your body. You may lose weight quickly, but this is a more natural process than with diet pills, which are many times legal versions of popular street drugs.

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