Why An Annual Boiler Service Will Save You Money


Getting your boiler serviced may seem a big expense, and if it is working properly then you may ask yourself why you should bother? However skimping on your boiler servicing even with a new boiler can prove to be very short sighted indeed.

By getting your gas boiler service regularly your boiler technician can identify any problem areas before they become actually become problems.

A lot of boiler problems occur due to poor maintenance and servicing. A basic service could cost just £70, but the majority of boiler faults that occur due to boilers not being serviced regularly can run in to hundreds of pounds.

A basic service will only take half an hour to carry out.

If you have had a new boiler installed there is a high chance that the manufacturer will write to you when the boiler is first due for a service, and if your boiler has a warranty for five years then you should ensure that this service is carried out annually, as the warranty may well depend on the boiler being serviced annually.

If not, just like a car engine warranty you may find your boiler warranty is invalid if it is not serviced regularly.

There are only a few things that you can do to help your boiler be efficient, and one of these is to keep an eye on the boiler water pressure. If the boiler is on a lot constantly, then over a period of time the water pressure will drop and you will need to add in water to the system. This will ensure that the boiler keeps operating at its most efficient phase.

Many modern boilers are now “Self bleeding” and as a result you may rarely need to bleed air out of your radiators. However a periodic check of your radiators every two months with a radiator valve key can ensure that your heating system is free of air, and thus operating at its maximum efficiency.

You may also consider annually draining your boiler, and flushing through an anti-sludge liquid in order to keep your central heating system free of sludge, which can develop inexplicably in your heating system and mean that the water pump is having to work harder then it should be.

These are basically the only parts of the boiler and central heating maintenance that you can carry out yourself.

So overall it is well worth getting your boiler serviced annually.


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