Wireless Applications And Efficiency Improvement In Your Business


Until date, information technology integrates and implements the organizational digital systems by facilitating a smooth information flow both within the organization and between the organization and the outside world. Now, the business houses are beginning to adopt a new wing of the information technology called wireless applications. Being a new field the degree of implementation success and the risk reward ratio for wireless applications in an organization is still not too widely known. Wireless applications, however, do establish that they improve the process efficiency and the information flow is maintained even if the human resource is mobile.

Target Market: Wireless applications are more relevant to the mobile workers such as, the sales people, field executives, civil engineers, drivers, a person related to medical care, etc.

Wireless Applications Vis-À-Vis Company’s Objectives: One or more than one of the following ultimate key objectives of the company help determine the consideration of adoption of wireless applications in an organization:

The package either catalyzes the expansion of the company’s market share.

-Or, the package should help the company control its costs.

-Else, the company should get a competitive advantage by installing the package.

Usage Feasibility of Wireless Applications: The following points influence the company’s decision of implementing the wireless technology:

-The degree of return on investment

-The implementation management of the applications

Measuring the Efficiency Improvement by Wireless Applications

The following process efficiency analysis should help your company take a stand on the installation of wireless applications:

Information Flow: Analyze the present information flow in your organization. Then analyze the hypothetical information flow with the wireless technology https://www.businesscatalyzers.com/. Try assessing which of the two models is efficient.

Technical Bottlenecks: Thoroughly analyze your company’s present technical limitations and shortcomings. Then see if it is feasible to add more technology to an already existing slack technology. Else, analyze if the present technical problem systems can be efficiently replaced by the new wireless technology.

Speed and Accuracy: Try comparing the pace and the accuracy of the data and information flow in the present system and the one with the wireless technology. Also, find out the degree of efficiency in the information flow via wireless applications with your mobile workforce.

Punctuality: Measure the timeliness of the wireless applications vis-à-vis the information flow, data availability and the data storage. Also, it’s vital to calculate the risk and the degree of data loss and what kind of steps and investments are required to prevent it.

Cost Reduction: Compare the cost of communication in the present system with that of wireless technology. Do include as well, the comparison of the one-time capital costs of the respective communication systems.


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