How To Win At Chess – A Chess Training Software That Can Help You Beat Your Competition


“How To Win At Chess?” This a question that many chess players have – whether they are playing at a formal and big tournament; playing against an opponent in their chess club, or just want to beat their friend or family members at a game of chess.

Here is a fact: if you want to win at Chess variations, you must have certain skills. In addition, you must have these skills honed so that you can be very confident in the game, and can take on even the most seasoned chess opponent, and win.

So, what are the main skills you need to win at chess?

    • You will need visualization skills. This is the ability to see chess moves in your mind even before they have been made on the board, allowing you to consider the consequences of your move(s) before you make the actual move. This is the most important expertise that can bring you real positive results in a short timeframe, helping you to succeed in chess easily.


    • It is important to have calculation ability which enables you to apply visualization to numerous possible variations, and calculate the best move to make.


    • Evaluation ability is essential. You will be able to sense if a situation is good or bad for you, and make the appropriate moves.


    • Planning skills, which enable you to know what to do in a certain situation, are also important. This expertise requires knowledge of chess strategy, which means you can plan your moves, based on your position. With this skill, you will be sure and confident about your next move.


    • With tactical proficiency, you will know many tactical patterns, which will help you to quickly identify the possible tactics in a certain position. All this knowledge will help you to plan the right moves.


  • Decision making skills, which will enable you to have a clear chess decision making process, which will ensure that you make the right move every time. Basically, your decision making process must consist of a simple set of questions which will stimulate your chess memory for the position at hand, helping you to access the relevant information from your memory.


At this point, you may feel overwhelmed, thinking: “how can I effectively learn all this skills?”. The key lies in systematic training. You must be aware of the specific skill you are training, focus on that at any particular time, and spend time repeating the training over and over until you have perfected that skill, and the skill is now your acquired, automatic habit.

Avoid random training – simply playing chess more can actually harm your chess because you are training “at random”. You must focus on a certain skill, practice it until you are very good at it. This is somewhat similar to a martial artist who would train the same move a thousand times over until he has that skill honed.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that the most important skill, the one that will bring you great results fast, is chess visualization. When you become very good at visualization, your proficiency in other areas follow.

This brings the question: how can you improve your visualization abilities?

A software program called Visualwize is a chess training tool that will significantly improve your visualization skills; helping you to have a clear mental picture of your moves before you even make them on the board. This program can enable you to exercise your visualization skills based on real games and moves from chess masters, and this means you will avoid making mistakes which can make you lose the game.


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