Now’s the Time to Call Your Texas Mortgage Broker


Texas homeowners may never have a better time to get an incredible deal on a mortgage refinance from their local Texas mortgage broker. Why? Falling home prices, government irresponsibility, so-called “free-trade” deals and misconduct on the part of unregulated banks and lending institutions have done substantial and inexcusable damage to the U.S. economy. AS a result, the Feds are attempting to cover their behinds by taking interest rates to their lowest levels in many years.

Good News…

Pulling cash out of your home and paying off predatory credit card companies can save you a lot of money in interest and “fees” alone! In addition, interest on a second mortgage is tax deductible (which credit card interest has not been since Reagan signed the “Tax Reform” Bill of 1982 into law).

The other advantage here is that every time you pay off a loan – such as a credit card – it shows up on your credit report as a positive, which is never a bad thing.

It’s also the best opportunity those who got suckered into “adjustable rate mortgages” to bail out and lock in a low, fixed rate. ARMs are useful for those who are planning to live in a house for only a year or two, but they are seriously bad news for most homeowners that plan to stay a spell. “Adjustable” invariably means “upward” as the parasites who write such mortgages try to recoup their expenses by sucking the lifeblood out of the borrower. By jumping out of an ARM and into a fixed-rate mortgage, you won’t have to worry about your house payment going up several hundred dollars a month, no matter where interest rates go.Get More Info

Now is the time to take action, however. Don’t wait – call your local Texas mortgage broker now; s/he has programs that will work for virtually anyone, regardless of their credit situation.

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