ADHD – How to Get Effective Help For ADHD Problems


What If Your Child Is Smart But Can’t Concentrate?

Despite its vagueness, the ADHD diagnosis did seem to address a real problem. Many school children genuinely appear to be intelligent, perform well on tests, and even display flashes of unusual interest in learning. At the same time, these children do not perform as well on assigned homework as on their tests–and, indeed, occasionally fail at tests that require long study and preparation. What’s more, they don’t pay attention, and they act out in class. What better medical diagnosis sums up these children’s condition than Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD for short?

Alternative Methods Of ADHD Treatment

Since the 1990’s, the standard treatment in response to a diagnosis of ADHD has been a regimen of amphetamines. These typically do improve the concentration of those diagnosed with adhd child. Yet, amphetamines have also been known to “improve” the concentration of speed addicts on the streets of San Francisco. Anyone who has ever talked to these people about their hobbies of, say, organizing old candy wrappers by size and color can attest to this. Do you really want your children dependent on prescription drugs for the rest of their lives? If not, you may want to look into alternative methods of treating the little-understood phenomenon that has become known as ADHD.

Diet And NLP Can Help

A combination of proper eating and NLP therapy can do much for your child’s ability to concentrate. Ridding your child’s diet of refined sugar, caffeine, and most artificial flavoring agents (which typically saturate the diets of English-speaking children) has a good chance of lessening his or her hyperactive tendencies. At the same time, adding Omega-3 vitamins to your child’s diet can measurably improve there ability to concentrate. You can find these vitamins in fish oil, which your child can consume in pill form, as a natural supplement.

NLP Teaches Children To Pay Attention

Complementing proper diet, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques can teach children diagnosed with ADHD to concentrate. Or, rather, NLP can teach these children to harness the power of intense concentration that they’re ordinarily only able to summon on some occasions. With NLP therapy and proper support from parents, these kids can learn to use their powers of concentration on a predictable, regular basis–for example, to do the next day’s school homework every afternoon.

To be sure, neuro-linguistic programming won’t raise your child for you; as the parent, that is your job. Yet, the ADHD help that NLP provides can make the process of child-rearing significantly easier, both for you, and for your ADHD-diagnosed child.


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