Living Green Wall: Why Industrialize Corporations Employed This Kind of Wall


Today, having a garden is somewhat impossible in some places, such as offices and other commercial buildings. However, this is not the case anymore as there are now some ways on how to have a wonderful garden even in the interior part of an office or commercial building. Indoor garden or most commonly known as indoor living walls are the solutions of many people who wanted to have a garden inside their offices or buildings.

Living preserved green wallis mostly a method to grow plants. It can be ornamental plants, fruits or even vegetables. However, for offices and commercial buildings, it is best to go for other forms of plants. Rather planting on the ground, it is planted vertically using the space of the wall. They are more and more utilized as a modern design feature and hiding unattractive walls as well.

Furthermore, since global warming is a hot topic with changeable outlooks and several agendas, having interior garden wall is one way to prevent it. The overall awareness is that industrialization has headed to boost greenhouse gasses and boost the effect in global temperature. To avoid further problem due to carbon emission in industrialize sectors, living plant walls are the best option of all.

This has resulted by a lot of corporations to think about saving the world by applying green walls in their work environment. In addition, several organizations, particularly those multi-nationals, are seeing advantages by being active to look for ways on how to lessen their carbon footprints. This is something that makes a constructive public awareness of the company itself and their brands. Aside from that, they also have a positive impact in Mother Nature.

By using green living wall, it will not only serve as a new trend of wall interior design, but also to benefits several workers and the environment as well. Some of the reasons why industrialize corporations used this kind of gardening is simply because:

• They want to improve the artistic design of the buildings.

• They want to help in lessening contagion in which rainwater has the possible to spread.

• They want to lessen the carbon footprints.

• They want to lessen the effect of the Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun that will result in an increase of the duration of waterproofing products that are employed to close roofs.

• They want to lessen their energy expenses by giving another way of insulation and lessening the use of air condition.

With these reasons, more and more organization are employing green walls not only to attract more clients as it can also be used as a wall decoration, but also to fight the growing effect of global warming today.


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